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About Seaplane

You’re probably familiar with the Wright brothers and their place in aviation history. But did you know that a man named Glenn Curtiss is actually credited with the world’s first officially witnessed flight?

On July 4, 1908, Glenn Curtiss flew his seaplane, June Bug, nearly a mile over Lake Keuka and a cheering crowd in Hammondsport, New York. He also built the Curtiss NC-4 seaplane, the aircraft that in May 1919 would become the first to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

The hugely popular musical SEAPLANE celebrates Glenn Curtiss as the father of naval aviation and Pensacola as its cradle. Written by Carolyn and Jack Fleming and scored by Allen Pote, SEAPLANE charts the course of early aviation from the invention of the June Bug in New York, to the opening of the first U.S. naval aviation flight school in Pensacola, to the first successful trans-Atlantic flight expedition led by naval aviation pioneer, Jack Towers.

The original 1989 stage production in Pensacola was followed by a special performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in 1990, a three-year summer stock run in Hammondsport, New York that ended in 1994, and a final production in Pensacola that same year.

Now, 20 years after it was last performed, SEAPLANE took the stage again in August 2015 at the Saenger Theatre with Broadway stars in the lead roles. With this incredible history, the story lives on for future generations to learn and be inspired. The Flemings and the Potes are committed to working together to keep the story of Glenn Curtis and Jack Towers alive. Stay tuned for future plans including a performance in Pensacola in the fall of 2016.

Creative Team

Carolyn & Jack Fleming


Lifelong collaborators Jack and Carolyn Fleming wrote the book and lyrics for SEAPLANE, for which they received the Adelia Rosasco Soule Award and many other recognitions. Noted writer Carolyn Fleming’s first novel Journey Proud was awarded the 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award. Dr. Jack Fleming, a distinguished cardiologist with many contributions to the field, is a prolific songwriter and accomplished vocal soloist. Jack and Carolyn authored the books Thinking Places and Perils! and the musicals Imagination! and Bahia de Panzacola.

Allen Pote

Composer & Music Director

A nationally known composer of choral music and musicals, Mr. Pote travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad as a conductor for festivals and workshops. He has received numerous commissions and has published over 300 choral works, including 20 musicals for youth and children. With his wife Susan he is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Pensacola Children's Chorus. A former member of the National Board of Choristers Guild, Mr. Pote is a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship and is a three-time winner of the Arts Council of Northwest Florida's Muriel Shugart Award recognizing outstanding accomplishments in music.

Emily Mixon

Director & Choreographer

Emily Mixon is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory, receiving a Bachelor Fine Arts in Musical Theater. She is the staff choreographer of the Pensacola Children's Chorus and on faculty at Ballet Pensacola where she teaches Broadway Dance Machine. Emily directed and choreographed Willy Wonka at Pensacola Little Theatre and has choreographed numerous productions in the Gulf Coast area. Emily served as Adjunct Faculty in the theater department at UWF and has provided creative and artistic guidance for many organizations and institutions in Pensacola.

2015 Production

Featuring Broadway Stars

Ryan Silverman

Jack Towers

Emily Padgett

Katie Stephens

David Gaschen

Glenn Curtiss

Chuck Wagner

Alexander Graham Bell

Local Cast

Darren Campbell Bill Rodgers

Sewell Jeter Griffith Lena Curtiss

Michael Dennis Roscoe Bailey

Sheryl Vandenberg Lulu Mott

Mike Dinwiddie Ezra Hobart

Jim Eisman Emmett Schneider / Dick Richardson

Clay Terry Mac Joiner

Jay Bixler A.C. Putty Read

Caroline Norman Gibson Wallis Warfield

Corey McKern Pat Bellinger

Laura Mixon Winkles Corinne Mustin

Jack Lauter, Brody Ryan Young Roscoe

Debi Janea* Featured Dancer

Rebecca Kincaid* Featured Dancer

Erin Lapaglia-Kottler* Featured Dancer

Samuel Joseph Mounce* Featured Dancer

Richard Steinert* Featured Dancer

Nathaneel Williams Ensemble / Dance Captain

Garrett Metzler Ensemble

Tyler Baxter Ensemble

Joseph Garnett Ensemble

Nigel Walden Ensemble

Joshua McLamb Ensemble

Colin O’Brien Ensemble

Hayley Heath Ensemble

Amy Fenicle Ensemble

Brooke Fleming Ensemble

Justine Olan Ensemble

Michaela Jacobs Ensemble

Madison Michles Ensemble

Loren Stone Ensemble

Sarah Mixon Ensemble

Jack Anderson** Children’s Ensemble

Lauren Bonner** Children’s Ensemble

Brooke Bradley** Children’s Ensemble

Ellie Caldwell** Children’s Ensemble

Carissa Ferguson** Children’s Ensemble

Ella Griffith** Children’s Ensemble

Daniel Gulley-Rich** Children’s Ensemble

Kindell Harris** Children’s Ensemble

Jocelyn Jouravel** Children’s Ensemble

Josh Kilcawley** Children’s Ensemble

Vitus Larrieu** Children’s Ensemble

Lucie Lovato** Children’s Ensemble

Jack Menzies** Children’s Ensemble

Ethan Middleton** Children’s Ensemble

Graybill Partington** Children’s Ensemble

Jonny Taylor** Children’s Ensemble

Tori Vinson** Children’s Ensemble

Elizabeth Watson** Children’s Ensemble

Emily Watson** Children’s Ensemble

Olivia Whitner** Children’s Ensemble

* Appears Courtesy of Ballet Pensacola
** Appears Courtesy of Pensacola Children's Chorus

Cameo appearance by Navy SEAL

Kevin Lacz

from American Sniper as Henry Mustin

Cameo appearance by businessman

Quint Studer

as Mayor

Production & Technical Team

Paul Thompson Orchestrator/Conductor

Susan Pote Children’s Ensemble

Lauren Isenhour Producer

Robert Allen Gandrup Scenic Designer

Glenn Avery Breed Costume Design

Sarah Setta Lighting Design

Logan Ball Sound Effects Designer

Zack Bookout Visual Effects

Jeff Jordan Audio Engineer

Brittany Rappise Wig/Makeup Design

Olivia Odom Properties Master

O’Keeley Media Video Production

Sarah Setta Company Stage Manager

Nethaneel Williams Asst. Choreographer

Stacey Shelnut Assistant to the Director

Martin Tate Rehearsal Accompanist

Amy Pote Watson Children’s Ensemble Coordinator

Costumes provided by Wardrobe Witchery

Edee Green Wardrobe Supervisor

Tiffany Nelson Dresser

Logan Goodsen Dresser

Edee Green Costume Construction

Jason Estala Costume Construction

Lauren Woods Costume Construction

Linda Corley Costume Construction

Logan Goodsen Costume Construction

ValMae Besser Costume Construction

Scenic Construction by Pensacola State College’s Performing Arts Department


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